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The minute a mother finds lice on her child, her very FIRST response is to immediately look for a way solve the problem. And what is the best way to treat lice? By Removing Lice for Good with ClearLice!

ClearLice is the obvious solution. When YOU are the person to bring ClearLice to her attention we will gladly express our gratitude to you! Our aggressive commission means big profits for you!

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ClearLice is a Natural Lice Treatment – No Pesticides, No Side Effects!

  • Removes head lice from your hair and home in One day!
  • Manufactured in an FDA certified lab in USA!
  • NO poisons, pesticides or harsh chemicals!
  • Easy to use with a great peppermint scent kids love!

Advantages of Being a ClearLice affiliate:

  • 15% Commission on ALL Sales!
  • Most highly recommended product in the battle against lice!
  • Over 100,000 units sold in 2 years!
  • Provides a Natural Way for Public and Institutions to Remove Lice!

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Getting Paid:

Our affiliate program is managed through LinkConnector to ensure you will be paid properly and on time. We have a vested interest in your success, as we only make money when our affiliates make money. You can be assured you will be paid honestly, on time, and accurately. We understand that the more you make, the more you will promote. The more you promote, the more you will sell, and the more you sell the more we both will make. We want you to be successful and we will help you in every way possible!

Sales Tracking:

Since we use LinkConnector to track and run our affiliate program, with LinkConnector’s state of the art commission tracking all you have to do is use the links provided in your account and know that you are getting the credit you deserve.

No Hidden Fees:

There are no hidden fees or charges, signing up to our affiliate program is completely free! Click on the link below to sign up to our affiliate program today and begin making money immediately!