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Article: Aggressive High Blood Pressure Treatment

Aggressive High Blood Pressure Treatment

According to the National Institute of health, patients who are capable of getting their blood pressure below today’s recommended level will significantly cut their risk of heart disease. Aiming for blood pressure reading lower than the recommended level is encouraging doctors to aggressively treat patients over the age of 50.

The director of the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, also known as the NIH, Dr. Gary Gibbons, states that the study conducted on patients over 50 provides potentially life-saving information. For a long time doctors have debated how low blood pressure needs to go as a patient gets older. The results of the study can influence treatment guidelines in the future.

The Effects of Lower Blood Pressure

The study provides results that lower blood pressure is better. The president of the American Heart Association, Dr. Mark Creager, who was not involved in the study, referred to the study as a possible road map to high blood pressure treatment strategies that will save a significant amount of lives.

Surprisingly about one in three adults within the United States has high blood pressure. This raises the risk of stroke, kidney failure heart attacks and other health problems. Normal blood pressure levels are considered 120 over 80, while high blood pressure is considered any measurement that reaches, or exceeds, 140 over 90.

Today’s general blood pressure treatment guidelines recommend the systolic pressure to be down to 140 in healthy adults and 130 in those who have health issues such as diabetes or kidney disease. A nationwide study sponsored by the institute was conducted to see if those numbers are the best goal or if aiming for a lower blood pressure level reading would be harmful or helpful.

Examining the SPRINT Study

The SPRINT study enrolled over 9,300 patients with high blood pressure in the study. They referred to the study as the Systolic Blood Pressure Intervention Trial. Half of the patients involved in the study received about 2 medications that focus on lowering the systolic pressure to below 140, while the other half of the patients received about three medications focused on getting the reading below 120.

The patients who were treated more aggressively with the three medications, resulted in the risk of death dropping by 25 percent when compared to the controlled patients. In addition the rates of cardiovascular problems dropped by about 30 percent for the aggressively treated group. The researchers conducting the study did not release information regarding side effects or precise numbers, but they plan to publish the study in a scientific journal. According to SPRINT investigator Dr. Jackson Wright of Case Western Reserve University, the preliminary results propose the treatment was well tolerated.

One question has remained, “Do older patients need to have their blood pressure level as low as middle-aged patients? This question has sparked a debate by recommending the treatment target for systolic pressure to be 150 in patients over the age of 60. The patients involved in the SPRINT study were 75 years of age for about a quarter of the participants while the remaining patients had an average age of 68.

According to heart specialist Dr. George Mensah, “The important public health message is for patients to speak with their health care providers.” Risk for heart disease begins to rise gradually as blood pressure levels reach above 120. This is the case even if patients don’t cross the line into full-blown hypertension.

People of all ages should consume a healthy diet, participate in plenty of physical activity on a daily basis and maintain a healthy weight for their body type and age. This type of healthy lifestyle can also help to lower blood pressure before doctors are forced to provide medication.

People with high blood pressure should never ignore their condition. Getting treatment once high blood pressure is diagnosed is highly important. It will help lower your risk of heart attack, stroke and other health issues.

Alternative Blood Pressure Treatment

While the studies mentioned support aggressive treatment to lower blood pressure, some patients prefer to do everything they can naturally. This is an important discussion that each individual patient needs to have with their doctor. PD120 helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels, has natural ingredients and no negative side effects. It is a popular and best choice for many patients. It is up to the individual to bring up the topic and mention PD120 to their doctor. Always consult with a physician before adding any new supplement to your daily regimen.

Patients with high blood pressure often get scared when first diagnosed. High blood pressure is a serious condition, but it is manageable and commonly cured with a healthy diet, daily exercise, healthy weight and stress management. There are situations when the patient achieves all of the recommended life improvements but still has high blood pressure issues. This may prove that their condition is hereditary and further details should be discussed with the doctor for proper treatment.

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