What is The Best Solution to Get Rid of Lice

What is The Best Solution to Get Rid of Lice

Head lice have been around for as long as humans have. They feed on the scalp secretions of the human head. They are natural parasites that can only live out their lifespans on the human head because of the heat and nutrients that are provided. Make no mistake though, these suckers can live up to 36 hours off of a human head, but that lengthy survival time is rare.

These creatures have been able to exist for such long periods of time because they are highly adaptive creatures. As soon as there is a treatment that begins to heavily decrease the lice population, lice figure out a way to evolve to become immune to it. Centuries of evolution have made these creatures difficult to get rid of, so it is imperative that as a parent of a school-aged child, you know just what to do to get rid of lice when your child comes home with a head full of lice.

Over-the-Counter Lice Treatments

Most parents of school-aged children follow the same patterns that their parents did before them when it comes to removing lice from your children, and that means they go to the local drugstore to pick up a bottle of the self-proclaimed best lice treatment. These over-the-counter lice treatments are misleading. While they claim to be the best way to get rid of lice from your child’s head, they are actually one of the worst ways to do that.

Being the extremely adaptive creatures that they are, head lice have found a way to become immune to many of the chemicals present in the over-the-counter lice treatments. The first use of these treatments does virtually nothing to impede head lice from taking residence in your child’s head. You would have to use multiple lice treatments to remove even a few of these insects, which only costs you more money and more time.

In fact, these lice treatments will actually do more harm to your child than they will to the actual head lice. These chemicals – neurotoxins, pesticides, and others – can leave your child with developmental damage if you’re not careful. So if you’re using these chemicals more than once to try to curb the spreading of these insects, the chances of your child becoming negatively affected by them greatly increase.

Why risk your child’s health on a lice treatment that may not even work?


Fortunately, there are companies who have taken steps to correct the untreatable head lice problem by creating natural products that work. ClearLice is one of those treatments. Made by a company in Boca Raton, FL, ClearLice products utilize unique natural lice eliminating formula that attacks head lice and nits.

Essentially, ClearLice uses a combination of natural enzymes and essential oils to breakdown head lice and nits, making them easier to remove. ClearLice offers a wide range of products to ensure that your head lice problem goes away with just one treatment.

ClearLice shampoos and conditioners offer users the chance to be lice-free after just one treatment but do not reek of harsh chemicals that burn your nostrils as you treat your child’s head. Instead, it offers peppermint-scented shampoos and conditioners to ensure a pleasurable experience for both you and your child during this not-so-pleasurable time.

Treating lice in your environment can ensure that no one else in your family contracts a head lice infestation just because one person in your household is. ClearLice laundry additive is an addition to your normal laundry detergent that makes your laundry repulsive to head lice.

It can be used with clothes, linens or towels to help make sure that your whole family doesn’t suffer because of head lice. And for the non-washable things, the ClearLice household spray will disinfect your furniture, carpets, and car. It is safe to use around small children as well as pets.


If your child comes home from school with head lice, you’re going to need a product you can trust to get rid of lice and nits from your child’s head.

ClearLice is a natural lice treatment solution that will have your child lice-free in just one day. It is safe. It is effective. But best of all, it is fast. You’ll never use another lice treatment product again.

Try it today and be lice-free tomorrow!