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Article: Experts May Lower Blood Pressure Limits

Experts May Lower Blood Pressure Limits

A recent study conducted by scientists working for the American Heart Association has revealed stunning results from a trial that questions the current recommendations related to blood pressure limits. The trial, known as S.P.R.I.N.T, is a large study that compares people who have kept their blood pressure levels at the current limit of 140/90 and those who have dropped to a much healthier recommendation of 120/80.

The trial concluded that those patients who have made the effort to lower their blood pressure levels showed a drastic drop in their rates of risks associated with high blood pressure such as heart disease, strokes and heart attacks. The study also found, that generally, the lower the blood pressure (without going below the lower limit), the better. Those patients who hit their target of 120 had better health overall and decreased their risk of death at a young age. In fact, the results of this trial were so conclusive that the investigators working on this case decided to stop the trial almost 24 months early.

Lower Blood Pressure Safely

This will come as great news for people who are working hard maintain healthy blood pressure levels as it the effects of following an even more strict approach towards maintaining blood pressure levels are far more evident now. Those struggling to maintain healthy blood levels will also be happy to know that there are several options when it comes to products that can help them, such as PD120; a natural supplement that contains L-Citruline, Co-Q10, Fatty Acids and Vitamins that -along with lifestyle changes- can help maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

Lowering blood pressure levels to 120 instead of the previously accepted 140 brings almost immediate benefits to most patients from all genders, races and groups. However, since those at risk of heart disease caused by blood pressure are generally people 50 years of older, the immediate benefits were even more noticeable in people from this age group. The consistency of the results obtained during this trial were also conclusive, and even though lowering blood pressure levels below 120 can reduce blood flow to the brain, experts generally agree that bringing down blood pressure to 120 can be extremely beneficial for patients at risk of heart attacks and strokes.

The study will prove to be a conclusive piece of evidence when the discussion on whether or not the current acceptable levels of blood pressure will be changed in the near future. Although more evidence will be needed in order to provide an accurate debate, it is a fact that many health care providers are working with their patients to bring those levels down and this new research may help in making them more aggressive with their blood pressure treatment.

However, many unanswered questions still remain when it comes to the long-term effects of increased blood pressure levels; generally, patients who do not exhibit any signs of high blood pressure may be putting themselves at risk by ignoring this dangerous condition. This is why physicians recommend constantly checking and monitoring blood pressure levels at home and supplements that may help patients maintain healthy blood pressure levels such as PD120.

Natural Blood Pressure Treatment

PD120 is an effective, natural supplement that can help patients maintain healthy blood pressure levels by taking two pills per day. This innovative supplement was developed by someone with over 30 years of experience in the medical field and the treatment has proved effective for people who are working hard towards maintaining healthy blood pressure levels. PD120 is an effective tool in helping maintain blood pressure levels and the fact that it is natural means that patients can rest assured that it is not only effective, but safe as well.

This trial, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, was conducted by scientists who randomly designed people to follow a treatment in order to lower their blood pressure levels to levels between 120 and 140. These levels represent the upper limits in the blood pressure ratio –also known as the systolic pressure. The amount of blood the heart pumps out to the rest of the body when the left ventricle is fully contracted-

The study concluded that patients who suffer from hypertension can significantly lower their risk of heart disease and heart attacks by working towards lowering their blood pressure levels and it is now up to the experts at the American Heart Association as well as members from the American College of Cardiology to decide whether or not the blood pressure limits will be reconsidered in the near future by joining a panel which is expected to reach a decision by next year. We should not forget that they have already lowered the acceptable cholesterol limits so it is quite likely that they will issue a new recommendation on blood pressure levels come next fall.

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