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Article: Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure Levels

Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure Levels

According to a study by Rush University Medical Center Chicago, “lowering a patient’s target blood pressure can be lifesaving.” Blood pressure levels are considered high when the systolic pressure is 140mmHg or higher. Systolic pressure is produced when the heart contracts. Although doctors often prescribe blood pressure medication to assist with maintaining blood pressure levels, there are 6 all-natural ways to lower blood pressure levels.

1 – Weight Loss to Lower Blood Pressure

Generally, the guideline for females with waist measurements of more than 35 inches and males with waist measurements more than 40 inches, could be at risk of developing high blood pressure. Blood pressure levels increase proportionally with weight. Losing a few pounds can help lower your blood pressure. Your doctor will determine a goal weight that is specific to your age and body type.

2 – Regular Exercise for Healthy Blood Pressure

Participating in 30 minutes of activity most days of the week can lower blood pressure levels. The resting heart rate and blood pressure levels for people who exercise on a regular basis is better than those who don’t exercise. Beneficial and common exercises include swimming, dancing, bicycling and walking. A frequent mistake for patients with high blood pressure is they will exercise on a regular basis and once their blood pressure reaches a healthy level, they stop. This gradually causes blood pressure levels to gradually climb, resulting in the patient starting an exercise routine all over again. Exercising long-term is essential to maintaining healthy blood pressure levels.

3 – Reduce Stress to Stabilize Blood Pressure

Stress is known to have many negative effects on your health and is a regular part of life. Finding positive ways to cope with stress is essential to maintaining healthy blood pressure levels. There are some stressors that are unavoidable. For example, almost getting in a car accident is stressful. It’s scary, your adrenaline surges and you are nervous and thankful to avoid the wreck. Allowing yourself to relax afterwards and not continuously replay the incident in your mind is a good way to cope with the stress. Balancing work, family, health, fun and responsibility is key to reducing stress. A well-balanced daily schedule filled with healthy meals, exercise routines, school, work, hobbies and relaxation will allow you to focus on a variety of things, instead of placing all of your attention on stressful situations.

4 – Control your Vices to Lower Blood Pressure

Drinking alcohol excessively can contribute to high blood pressure. Lessen the frequency you drink alcohol or quit completely. If you feel that you need to drink, do so in moderation with a glass of red wine which is known for its health benefits. Smoking is known to effect the heart, quit smoking immediately and never pick up the habit again.

5 – Limit Sodium Intake for Healthy Blood Pressure

Individuals the age 50 and over, those with kidney problems and African-Americans are prone to salt sensitivity. Reduce and limit your sodium intake. Usually this means eliminating processed foods and table salt from your diet. Limiting your sodium intake just a little bit can reduce your blood pressure.

6 – Natural Blood Pressure Supplements

Although you need to discuss this option with your doctor first, many patients receive plenty of benefits from all-natural supplements. Patients with high blood pressure find themselves flocking to the natural blood pressure supplement PD120. This supplement helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels, is created with natural ingredients, has no negative side effects, and improves motivation, energy, libido and strength. Always consult with a doctor before adding a supplement to your daily regimen.

Doing just one of these natural ways to lower blood pressure suggestions on a regular basis will help you maintain blood pressure levels. If you put all of them into effect you will reap the reward and most-likely feel better physically in the process.

Being diagnosed with high blood pressure, or hypertension, can be stressful. Depending on the severity of the condition, some doctors will prescribe medication to help maintain blood pressure levels. These medications often have side effects that interfere with daily life. A common side effect of high blood pressure medication is frequent urination. Due to this side effect alone patients often find themselves secluded in their home and avoiding leaving the house for long time frames.

This type of side effect can cause a patient to avoid social situations, have problems at work and cause stress and depression. If you are a patient who experiences side effects from your high blood pressure medication, discuss your issues with your doctor. Sometimes they can offer a different medication or approve taking a natural blood pressure supplement such as PD120.

Discuss your options with your doctor and mention that you are interested in trying all-natural ways to lower blood pressure. Your doctor will determine what is best suited for your specific condition. Generally a variety of things will help you maintain healthy blood pressure levels throughout your lifetime.

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