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Article: What is Normal Blood Pressure?

What is Normal Blood Pressure?

Blood pressure is an indicator for many different things regarding one’s health. Specifically, it can show you whether or not you are at risk for heart attack, stroke or other illnesses. It is important that you keep yourself apprised of your blood pressure so that you can recognize any changes that may occur.

Whenever you go to the doctor, one of the first tests they perform is a blood pressure test. A normal blood pressure is 120/80, and anything higher than that could mean that you are hypertensive or have high blood pressure. If you are hypertensive, it is imperative that you talk to your doctor about taking the necessary steps to try to lower blood pressure before it develops into a larger issue.

Recently, three major groups of heart experts have updated the guidelines of blood pressure goals for those with heart disease. This means that anyone with heart disease has a different set of goals for where their blood pressure needs to be than someone who is in good health. For the patients at risk of heart disease, the new goal is for their blood pressure to measure less than 140/90 and for those with heart disease who have already had a heart attack or stroke, the new goal is 130/80.

However, these new goals are actually more flexible than the ones set forth in 2007. These guidelines are merely an average that one should look to, but the individual goals for each patient will be left up to the individual doctor and patient in that specific case. Untreated hypertension for patients with heart disease puts the patient at a greater risk of developing more serious complications. It is important that if you have heart disease or a family history of heart disease that you consult your doctor to determine the proper course of action for normalizing your blood pressure.

Changes in Diet and Exercise Lowers Blood Pressure

One of the first things your doctor will recommend that you do if you have high blood pressure is to change your diet and exercise routines. Consuming a diet that is low in salt and fat is important to lowering your blood pressure because high-sodium and high-fat foods can constrict your arteries and blood vessels, increasing your blood pressure.

In addition, eating foods that are high in natural calcium and potassium is also a great way to decrease your blood pressure. These nutrients are vital to strengthening the walls of your blood vessels and arteries. They also make them suppler, which will help them to expand to increase blood flow.

Likewise, partaking in regular exercise is useful in strengthening your heart as well as the arteries and vessels surrounding the heart. If these become stronger, than the amount of force it takes to get blood to and from the heart will decrease. Going for a jog once a week or a walk three times a week can improve your cardiovascular health by a third. In order to maintain a healthy blood pressure level, making these changes in your diet and exercise routines is essential.

Reduce Stress and Lower Blood Pressure

Increased stress levels in your body can cause your brain to signal the release of adrenaline when it isn’t necessary. This release of adrenaline will cause your blood vessels to constrict, raising your blood pressure. It is important to keep your stress levels low by finding techniques that help you to de-stress to lower your blood pressure. Yoga is a great way to teach yourself breathing techniques that will help you relax, for example.

Natural Blood Pressure Supplements

Unfortunately, making changes to your lifestyle may not be enough to lower blood pressure. Your doctor may recommend a prescription in addition to these changes to help your body regulate blood pressure levels. However, prescription drugs can have side effects that are worse than the actual high blood pressure itself.

In cases like that, it may be beneficial for you to talk to your doctor about natural supplements to help maintain a healthy blood pressure. PD120 is a natural supplement that helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels. Taking PD120 in addition to moving toward a healthier lifestyle can promote overall well-being without allowing any dangerous chemicals and fillers into your body.

It’s just that simple!

Heart disease is a serious illness that affects a large number of people each year. In order to prevent your high blood pressure from turning into a more serious illness like heart disease, it is important that you take the necessary steps to regulate your blood pressure back to its normal reading. PD120 is a natural supplement that can be used in combination with diet and exercise in order to help maintain healthy blood pressure. Talk to your doctor today to see if PD120 is right for you.

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