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Article: Why You Should Protect Your Heart against Cold Weather?

Why You Should Protect Your Heart against Cold Weather?

With the winter season in full effect, it is common to see people who do not seem to be affected too severely by the cold weather and people who seem comfortable outside in freezing temperatures wearing nothing but a long sleeve shirt or perhaps a sweatshirt. This might seem like an easy way to avoid carrying a coat or a jacket everywhere, but did you know that being unprotected against the weather can have a negative effect on your blood pressure and your overall health?

In fact it has been found out that performing intense physical activity in cold weather can trigger a heart attack. Those people who are at risk of suffering from heart disease, whether it is from having high blood pressure or a history of cardiac arrest can be extremely affected by cold weather and increased activity as doctors have noticed a large increase in heart attack during the winter months, especially in places with heavy snowfalls. In fact, a very common scenario is people exhausting themselves by shoveling snow after the first snowfall of the year. And while it might be difficult to blame people for wanting to have a spotless driveway, we should consider the fact that intense physical activity performed in colder weather can have fatal consequences.

Physical Activity and Cold Weather

It is believed that cold temperatures can add an increased risk, especially to those patients suffering from high blood pressure as cold temperatures cause the arteries to constrict. This constriction causes the heart to start working at an increased rate in order to be able to pump out all the blood that the body needs. Remember that most things tend to shrink in cold weather and arteries are not the exception. However, it is still concerning to know that a lot of people are still not aware of the risks of doing intense physical activity out the in the cold without being properly outfitted. And while shoveling snow might not seem like such a demanding activity for some, we were surprised to find out that shoveling send more than 10,000 people to the hospital each year. And while most of these cases tend to be lower-back injuries or muscular injuries, almost 10 percent of these cases tend to involve physical exhaustion, heart attacks and other heart-related diseases and even death from lack of oxygen and improper flow of blood from the heart.

This is why patients currently struggling with high blood pressure should consider the risks associated with doing intense physical activity out in the cold. These patients might benefit from being fully clothed with a good insulation jacket that is tight on the chest in order to provide the heat that the arteries need in order to function at their full capacity.

Patients can also benefit from using a natural health supplement like PD120, a natural blood pressure supplement developed by an expert in the healthcare field with over 30 years of experience. However, when it comes to these situations it is also very important to use our common sense; did you spend all summer sitting on the couch in front of the TV while eating bag upon bag of salt-filled chips? Then it might not be a good idea to go out after the first snowfall in order to shovel snow. But did you spend a good part of your summer exercising, trying to lose weight and eating healthy, then going outside should not be a problem. Though you still need to be well protected against the elements. As you can see, lifestyle choices and decisions play an important role in how much the weather can affect your health.

But if you still want to do your daily activities outside, the weather alone should not be a deterring factor. A good coat will get you to a lot of places and if you live in a place with extreme weather, remember wearing several layers of clothing as these can help you retain the heat that your body produces naturally and it can also help you protect yourself against the elements. If you are going to be shoveling snow remember to put on some insulating gloves and perhaps even a scarf for your face or a beanie for your head. Finally, remember the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle when it comes to enjoying the small pleasures in life, and while not too many people enjoy shoveling snow, think about the things you will be doing for the rest of your life and decide whether or not you want to let the weather get in the way of your daily activities.

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