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Steve - 1/22/2019

4.5 out of 5 stars  It works as promised!

I have dangerously high blood pressure. it usually runs 200/119. since i have been taking pressure 120 down. it stays down to about 150/90 whnich is good for me. i was taking a blood pressure pill and thyroid pill. from a doctor. since i discovered pressure 120 down it has somewhat lowered my pressure. which. before i was taking pressure 120. i had severe pains in the back of my head and chest. almost like angina pains. i still have them but not nearly as frequent as i had before. i was having pains like this every day before i began taking pressure 120 down, now i have only had 2 epusides of pain in my head in 3 months. i have been taking pressure 120 down for about 2 yrs,. i take and 2 baby aspirin 2 times daily. and i ordered a thryoid pill thru amazon. and i have gone off my doctors meds. because i had reactions to the doctors meds. i truly cannot live without pressure 120 down. it has saved my life.. thank you pressure 120 down


5.0 out of 5 stars GREAT PRODUCT PD120   July 9, 2019

I have used this product and was glad to find it. I owned a health food store for 14 years and i am very impressed with this product. I have seen after 2-3 weeks of use a considerable drop in my blood pressure and my resting heart rate. It is a product that most people in the world should take .I thank the manufacture for making and carrying this product and urge others to try it it WORKS. TY

Richard S. Dixon Jr.

5.0 out of 5 stars Seems to Work, who knows?

I am not a big fan of these kinds of remedies, but I will say that these pills seem to keep my blood pressure within reasonable limits. Who knows if its the pills, the exercise, the times or a combination of all? I keep ordering them. A recent check-up showed a blood pressure of 116/82 - not bad. If these pills have anything to do with it?