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Article: Are Your Relationships Affecting Your Health?

Are Your Relationships Affecting Your Health?

Are you someone who prefers to be by himself or herself most of the time? It is difficult to blame yourself, after all, the people we encounter on a daily basis can be extremely difficult to deal with, and in fact there’s people who might even “make your blood boil”.

How Does Being By Yourself Affect Health?

Isolation has also been proven to increase effectiveness in the workplace. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that your concentration remains unaltered throughout the day and if you have a conflict with someone else, you won’t have to spend all the day thinking about it. As always, we believe there should be certain balance between socialization and isolation, after all there are times when we all need to be alone, whether we need to concentrate on a project, have to meet a deadline or simply don’t feel like talking to anybody. But did you know that social isolation could be bad for your health?

A study titled “Social Relationships and Mortality Risk: A Meta-analytic Review” published by the Public Library of Science has shown that social isolation can increase a person’s risk of disease and death by almost twenty percent. The study also went on to prove that socialization with regular friends and strong family ties can increase this risk up to a fifty percent. The study went on to prove that socialization and regular interactions with other people play a fundamental role in human well-being and that the lack of social interaction can increase the risk of early death by up to fifty percent.

Becoming More Social

If you are a person who normally struggles making friends or someone who perhaps does not talk to their family members too much, it might be a good idea to start changing this behavior now as the health benefits associated with socialization are definitely worth it. Working to build new relationships and to keep in touch with your old friends can certainly be an effective strategy when it comes to prevent or lessen the effects of chronic disease in the long-term.

While the study did not go on to speak about the fitness effects of socialization, it is generally accepted that people who have a gym buddy or a walking/jogging partner have a greater chance of success when it comes to sticking to their routine. And while some scientists believe that this is effect is caused by peer-pressure, the effects are generally beneficial and having a bit of pressure can act as a great motivator when it comes to starting o adhering to a workout routine; remember that obesity is one of the main risks associated with high blood pressure and performing regular physical activity can be one of the best things you can do to fight the associated risks of high blood pressure. If you are serious about maintaining healthy blood pressure levels, you might consider the beneficial effects that a natural supplement like PD120 can bring into your life. If you are still not convinced about the beneficial effects of having healthy blood pressure levels, you should consider the fact that high blood pressure can lead to potential heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, liver problems and a large number of other problems that could be prevented easily.

If you are not a very social person, we understand how difficult it might be at first to try to socialize in the beginning, perhaps you are afraid of the reaction that they might exhibit, or the fact that you simply don’t know how to approach this person. In general, most people are very kind and open to speaking with strangers, this does not mean that you won’t occasionally find the oddball that refuses to speak to other people, but with the right amount of practice, you’ll be able to read people and be able to assess whether or not it is a good moment to approach them. Remember that people who have more friends and higher quality relationships tend to exhibit lower blood pressure levels than those who don’t, so if you’ve struggled to make friends or to talk to people in the past, it might be a good time right now to leave those fears behind and start talking to more people on a regular basis.

Remember that constant socialization is just one of the things you can do to improve your overall health in regards to high blood pressure, and the help of a supplement, a diet low in sodium and high in fiber as well as the help and support of your close family and friends can make the difference when it comes to maintaining healthy blood pressure levels.

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