Aspirin for blood pressure

Baby Aspirin May Help You Lower Your Blood Pressure

If you or someone you know is currently being treated for high blood pressure, it is likely that you have heard that baby aspirin can help restore healthy blood pressure. Is this a myth, a hidden truth or just a rumor? Is it really possible to control your blood pressure levels using only a baby aspirin? While some people blindly believe on this popular belief, we believe that it is important to take a good look at the reasoning behind this common habit in order to weigh in the pros and the cons of taking baby aspirin to lower blood pressure levels. If you have heard this piece of information before, you are probably wondering: Does baby aspirin lower blood pressure? If you’d like to find out the truth, then read on.

Researching Baby Aspirin and Blood Pressure Levels

If you do a simple google search, you will find out a lot of pages claiming that baby aspirin is the perfect remedy for hypertension, and this pages will often state that taking a baby aspirin at night will help lower blood pressure. Many of these articles cite a pretty large study conducted on middle-age people in the United States suffering from stage 1 hypertension. What this means is that their blood pressure levels hovered around 140 – 159 for the systolic blood pressure (the pressure in the arteries when the heart is fully contracted) and 90—99 for the diastolic blood pressure (the pressure in the arteries in between heartbeats).

The study divided the patient into three major groups; the first group had 169 patients and they were not given any aspirin at all; the second group was made up of 77 patients and they were given 100 milligrams of aspirin in the mornings and finally, the third group, composed by 82 patients, was given the same dose of aspirin at night. The patients were closely monitored for a long period of time in order to evaluate the effects that the aspirin had on them. The patients also wore devices that would constantly monitor the blood pressure levels; these devices would record their findings every 30 minutes and the data was sent automatically to the researchers. What the study found after three months was that taking aspirin at night significantly reduced the blood pressure levels for patients struggling with hypertension. However, those patients who were taking aspirin in the morning also found themselves having improved blood pressure levels.

Alternative Blood Pressure Treatments

Does this mean that baby aspirin at night is the ultimate cure for high blood pressure? Hardly so. While taking baby aspirin at night does show a considerable reduction in blood pressure levels, there are far more effective measures that a patient can take to restore healthy blood pressure. For example, if you ask any doctor he will indubitably bring up the fact that there are far more effective things that you can do to restore healthy blood pressure levels. For example, taking a 30 minute walk every day or perhaps reducing the amount of sodium that we consume on a daily basis.

However, when it comes to analyzing and weighing the pros and the cons of prescription blood pressure medication and home remedies, we still believe that the best option when it comes to restoring healthy blood pressure is a natural treatment and an adjustment in lifestyle.

PD120 is natural blood pressure supplement. Our product contains essential micronutrients like Coq10, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and a plethora of other natural compounds that can help patients regain their health using natural products, without exposing themselves to the harmful effects of prescription medication. However, we also need to consider that our products work best when paired together with a few significant lifestyle changes that can make a huge difference when it comes to staying healthy. Some of these changes include exercising on a regular basis and keeping a close watch on what we eat.

Finally, we would like to add that while baby aspirin has been proven to help some patients under very specific conditions fight off the risk of hypertension, this is far from a miracle cure and patients should still be very careful when considering adding aspirin to their diet. More always, making a few lifestyle changes that can positively impact the risk of developing hypertension in the future is a much better option than relying on a pill that was designed for an entirely different purpose. Please keep in mind the fact that the battle against hypertension and its effects is not a sprint race; it is a marathon. And one of the worst things you can do is to try and solve this problem overnight.