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Article: Beets Can Lower Blood Pressure!

Beets can lower blood pressure

Beets Can Lower Blood Pressure!

Can beets lower blood pressure? A recent study conducted by researchers at the Heart and Diabetes Institute in Melbourne, Australia seems to indicate that patients struggling with hypertension can drink a glass of beet juice a day in order to have an almost-immediate positive impact when it comes to blood pressure levels. The study proves that patients who drink one glass of beet juice a day, can lower their systolic blood pressure (the amount of pressure in our arteries when the heart is fully contracted and pumping out blood) by an average of 4 points.

Treat Blood Pressure Naturally

The promising results are obviously highly encouraging news for those patients who have decided to empower themselves in order to treat their hypertension naturally. And while prescription medication tends to have the same effect, patients who do not wish to deal with the side effects commonly associated with blood pressure medication such as coughs, diarrhea, light-headedness, lack of energy, nausea and even erectile dysfunction are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of treating their hypertension using natural remedies and natural blood pressure supplements, like PD120.

And while previous studies had already confirmed the effectiveness of beet root and beet juice, this study conducted by the Heart and Diabetes Institute is the first of its kind to focus entirely on the benefits on blood pressure levels. The purpose of this study was to come up with definitive data that was not influenced by any lifestyle changes like sticking to a nutrition plan or increasing the levels of physical activity. If we consider the fact that beet juice by itself can lower blood pressure by 4 points, imagine the benefits that you can get by combining beet juice with PD120 and a series of positive, permanent lifestyle changes. If you or someone you know is currently struggling with high blood pressure it might be a good idea to consider the benefits of beet juice when paired with a natural blood pressure supplement and a few conscious changes in your life.

Benefits of Beets on Blood Pressure

Another thing to consider is the current status of beet as a superfood. As you may or may not know already, beets are packed with antioxidants; nutrients that capture and neutralize free radicals. If you are not familiar with the term “free radical” you should know that they are uncharged molecules that are highly reactive and can play a major contributor towards cell damage. Drinking beet juice will ensure that you get enough antioxidants in your body to counter effect these free radicals.

Beets are also rich in Betalains; a pigment found in plants that give beets their characteristic red color and have anti-inflammatory properties that can help you keep your health, your blood vessels and your organs functioning at an optimal rate. The betalains also offer a significant cancer prevention capacity, especially against colon cancer due to their anti-oxidant properties.

As if this wasn’t enough, beets are really tasty! If you have never eaten raw beets or drank beet juice, the strong flavor might be a bit difficult to digest at first. However, most people would agree that beet and beet juice are an acquired taste and as time passes, you will find yourself liking it more and more. All these health benefits can be available to you at a mere 55 calories per glass of beet juice. We recommend using a juicer to make sure that you get the most juice out of your beets and to get a more homogeneous juice that will be easier to swallow.

Beets can also be prepared in a bunch of different ways and you can incorporate them into pretty much anything; they can be eaten raw and incorporated into your favorite salad or sandwich, they can also be boiled, baked or steamed and incorporated into your favorite meals as a side dish or as a main course.

As you can see, the benefits of eating raw beets and drinking beet juice are well documented and while beets alone won’t be enough to fight blood pressure, you can be sure that a combination of natural ingredients, superfoods, significant lifestyle changes and our very own PD120, you can take the necessary steps to help maintain healthy blood pressure. Remember that when it comes to fighting high blood pressure, you need to recruit all the help you can get and a combination of these things can be a fantastic way to stay ahead of the race.

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