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Article: Doctors Find Genetic Link to High Blood Pressure

Doctors Find Genetic Link to High Blood Pressure

A team of Canadian scientists from the University of Ottawa have recently discovered a gene that might play an important role in supporting healthy blood pressure levels and that can help patients fight the long battle against hypertension. These findings are expected to help scientists and doctors come up with new blood pressure treatments that can improve the quality of life of patients suffering from heart disease as well as improving the existing treatments.

The Science Behind High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a growing epidemic in countries with high levels of obesity amongst the population, which is why scientists are making efforts towards discovering new ways in which patients can support healthy blood pressure levels, a recent discovery by a team of scientists from the University of Ottawa has found that one of the main biological features of high blood pressure is the constant and dangerous narrowing of blood vessels, which in turn plays a huge role in in blood pressure and can sometimes force the heart to work at a much more intense rate than usual.

In this study, the team led by Dr. Mona Nemer, was able to identify the GATA5 transcription factor, a protein encoded in humans that is encoded in the GATA5 gene and is known to bind to hepatocyte nuclear factor-1alpha which can in turn play an important role in the establishment of cell diversity in the cardiac muscle. Scientist are hoping that the information found in this transcription factor can be used to customize treatment for patients who are suffering from high blood pressure and other problems associated with the circulatory system.

High Blood Pressure Symptoms

This will definitely come as great news for patients who are currently struggling to maintain healthy blood pressure, but the bigger problem lies in patient awareness as many of those suffering from high blood pressure might not even realize it. In fact, it is estimated that almost forty percent of the American population might be suffering from high blood pressure right now and a large percentage of them might not even realize it. Typically, those suffering from high blood pressure do not exhibit any noticeable symptoms.

It is very important to exercise daily, reduce sodium intake and take better decisions when it comes to nutrition. The help of a natural blood pressure supplement like PD120 might also prove to be a powerful ally in the battle against “the silent killer”, due to the fact that it can help patients maintain healthy blood pressure levels without the nasty side effects of prescription medication. You will see the results within 10 days or less with PD120.

The fact that the discovery of this genetic link to high blood pressure was previously unexplored means that more resources are being geared towards research against this dangerous condition. However, it is also very important to fight the root and the cause of these problems and making significant lifestyle changes and taking a natural supplement like PD120 can bring a large number of improvements when it comes to staying healthy.

Exercise V. Genes and High Blood Pressure

Another factor to take into consideration with the recent discovery of the GATA5 transcription factor is that scientist have found that staying fit can override the genetic likelihood of you having high blood pressure by almost 35%. People who are physically fit and have a genetic history of high blood pressure can see benefits in the short term by sticking to a low-to-medium intensity routine for 30 minutes a day. In fact, the results drawn from this study while far from shocking prove that while genetic predisposition to heart disease and high blood pressure does exist, our genes are also fighting back against blood pressure by strengthening the heart and the arteries in order to improve circulation and lower blood pressure. Keeping fit can also strengthen the genes in our DNA when it comes to winning the battle against this epidemic.

And while it might be possible to explain high blood pressure predisposition with the help of genes, the effect that our choices have on our blood pressure is significant. Things like drinking, smoking, sleeping less than 8 hours a day or constant stress can be detrimental to our health. Keeping these risk factors under control is essential to maintaining healthy blood pressure levels.

The sooner we understand that these type of behaviors, along with a genetic predisposition for high blood pressure are dangerous and potentially fatal, the sooner we can start taking steps towards improving our health. We can make the difference in the long term.

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