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Article: High Blood Pressure Raises Risk of Heart Failure

High Blood Pressure Raises Risk of Heart Failure

The dangerous thing about hypertension is that most people don’t have any side effects. You feel fine and go-on with your everyday routine not knowing you can be at risk of heart failure. The lack of hypertension symptoms also encourages patients to skip taking their blood pressure medication doses. This can be a dangerous habit that could negatively affect your heart.

An Italian study suggests that patients who consistently and frequently skip taking their prescribed blood pressure medication are more likely to be hospitalized for heart failure than patients who only skip taking their medication on occasion. The study was conducted by researchers who followed about 4,000 patients who took prescribed medication to lower their blood pressure in the Lombardy region of Italy.

The research lasted about six-and-a-half years. When compared to patients that rarely took their hypertension medication, to the patients who took their pills 26% to 50% of the time were 17% less likely to experience heart failure and become hospitalized. It turns out that the risk was 34% lower for patients who took their hypertension medication at least 75% of the time.

According to Veronique Roger, a cardiovascular disease researcher at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, “treating hypertension reduces the risk of heart failure, it is logical to hypothesize that failing to take prescription medication would be associated with an increase in the risk of heart failure.

How do you know you have high blood pressure?

Since symptoms of high blood pressure are rare, the only way to confirm whether you have high blood pressure is to get checked by a doctor. Once it is confirmed that you have hypertension your doctor will recommend a variety of things based on the severity of the situation.

Changing Your Diet to Lower High Blood Pressure

Most commonly doctors recommend lifestyle improvements such as a healthy diet which includes plenty of fresh water, fruits, vegetables and poultry. Sometimes patients may find it difficult to adjust to a new diet and leave their old habits behind. It is wise to look at your new diet as a lifestyle change and embrace it. These days there are plenty of cookbooks and recipe websites that will guide you on your journey to eating healthier without depriving yourself of delicious tasting food.

New Exercise Routines to Lower High Blood Pressure

Whether you like to swim, walk, bicycle or jog, get out and exercise! Make time in your schedule to exercise for 30 minutes per day most days of the week. Discuss your favorite type of exercise with your doctor. If you don’t like to go outdoors, there are a variety of indoor sports and exercises you can participate in, such as tai chi and yoga. Yoga and tai chi are beneficial for your entire body and provide a soothing calm way to exercise.

If you find it difficult to be motivated to exercise every day, contact friends and family to invite them to join you. This is a great way to motivate each other and carry on an interesting conversation, which will help the time go faster while you exercise. If you prefer to exercise alone but still need a bit of motivation, you can a join a gym, hire a personal trainer to come to your home or purchase exercise dvd’s that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Choosing a Blood Pressure Supplement

Many patients with hypertension learn that natural supplements can help them maintain healthy blood pressure. The most popular and effective natural blood pressure supplement is PD120 helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

The PD120 supplement is made with natural ingredients, has no negative side effects and helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels. Always discuss adding a natural blood pressure supplement to your daily regimen with your doctor before taking them.

Getting off of High Blood Pressure Medication

You can have hypertension for a variety of reasons. It can be due to an unhealthy diet, obesity, health issues and heredity. Depending on the cause of high blood pressure, your doctor will determine the amount of time you will need to take blood pressure medication. Some patients only need it temporarily until they are capable of maintaining healthy blood pressure levels, while others may need it long term.

Whether you are taking blood pressure medication temporarily or long term, you will want to adhere to your doctor’s instructions. Skipping a dose because you feel great can cause more harm than good. It’s natural to forget to take it once or twice due to being away from home. But becoming habitual about skipping doses can lead to a higher risk of heart failure.

You should always take your blood pressure readings seriously. It is wise to visit local free clinics or fire stations that offer free blood pressure readings. Using these free services in your community in between doctor visits will help you keep a good eye on your blood pressure health.

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