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Article: How to Treat High Blood Pressure

How to Treat High Blood Pressure

People are walking around worldwide with high blood pressure and don’t know they have it. The symptoms are rare and when the do arise, it generally gets attributed to something else like stress. While high blood pressure is silent, the long-term consequences are great. Hypertension can lead to heart failure, heart attack, stroke, kidney disease, retinopathy and dementia. High blood pressure naturally rises at age 55. However heredity can play a large role making the diagnosis earlier.

High Blood Pressure Diagnosis

Your blood pressure needs to be taken in order to be diagnosed. The procedure is quick and painless. It often involves a soft material wrapped around your arm and sealed by Velcro. The measurement is taken manually or digitally and provides the reading. There are two measurements that appear, one is the higher number called the systolic blood pressure and the other is the diastolic blood pressure. Any reading more than 140/90 is considered high. Consistent readings of high blood pressure levels often diagnose the condition.

Hypertension Treatment

Treatment begins with instructions from your doctor. Everyone is different and needs specific treatment to help lower blood pressure. Treatment generally begins with lifestyle changes such as the ones listed below.

  • Quit Smoking – Everyone knows smoking is bad for your health on a variety of different levels. Clogged arteries are specifically related to high blood pressure issues. Avoid smoking and quit the nasty habit as soon as possible. Your body repairs itself in steps naturally which helps to lower high blood pressure.
  • Lower Alcohol Intake – An occasional glass of wine or beer with dinner is not going to make a big difference. However, consuming large amounts of alcohol on a regular basis can lead to a variety of health issues, including affecting your blood pressure levels. Lower your alcohol intake, but you don’t have to deprive yourself completely.
  • Regular Exercise – Exercising 30 minutes per day is essential for a healthy body. It also helps to maintain healthy blood pressure levels. You don’t have to over-do-it, a brisk walk, relaxing swim in the pool, at the beach or local lake, hiking with your dog or a daily workout with a trainer at a gym will do it. Just make sure cardio is part of your workout routine.
  • Eat Healthy – For some reason eating healthy is more difficult for some patients than lowering your alcohol intake. Most-likely it’s due to new processed food snacks and products arriving at the markets every day. These items are affordable, easy to eat, convenient and tasty. But, if you have high blood pressure it is essential that you improve your diet. You will need to begin by removing all processed foods from your diet and replacing them with fresh fruits, vegetables, poultry, fish and grains. Even bread has high sodium levels so beware and read the labels at all times.
  • Cope with Stress – It is well known that stress is a daily part of life. Some people even yearn for the simpler days when things seemed to move at a slower pace. In today’s world, even children have a busy schedule compared to 20 years ago. In the past children went to school, came home, did about an hour of homework and then played outdoors in the fresh air. Today’s kids, have extended school hours, after school activities, social media pressure, bullying at school and online as well as social events such as dances and community service requirements for school. If today’s children are exhausted by the time they get home, how are the parents feeling? In one word, stressed. If you are one of these busy parents that are working, trying to keep up with your schedule as well as your child’s schedule, you most-likely have daily stress. The good news is you are in control. Just because there are a multitude of opportunities for today’s children, doesn’t mean they have to participate in everything. Find ways to loosen up your schedule, ask your child to choose just one activity and stick with it. Scheduling down time to relax is an excellent way to reduce stress. Also finding ways to cope with stressful situations in a calm manner is beneficial.

If you suffer with high blood pressure and you have made lifestyle improvements and changes but still don’t have lower blood pressure readings, your doctor’s next step of treatment is often medications. While some of these medications are helpful, they also come with a wide range of side effects. This includes dizziness, diarrhea, dry mouth and frequent urination.

Due to the many side effects that often interrupt daily schedules and lives, some high blood pressure patients are seeking natural remedies. The one that most patients flock to is PD120. This natural blood pressure supplement is void of side effects, helps maintains healthy blood pressure and improves strength, energy, libido and motivation in patients. Discuss PD120 with your doctor today!

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