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Article: New Study Challenges High Blood Pressure Guidelines

New Study Challenges High Blood Pressure Guidelines

The current standards for what is considered “acceptable” blood pressure levels have been in place for many years. It used to be generally accepted that an upper limit of 140 was considered to be a good threshold for what defines high blood pressure.

Results obtained from a recent study presented at an American Heart Association conference revealed that lower pressure levels for people who are over 50 years old can significantly decrease the risk of potential heart and respiratory conditions such as strokes, heart attack, cardiac arrest and other diseases involving the respiratory and circulatory system such as arthrosclerosis and cholesterol build up. Over 80 million Americans are currently struggling with hypertension and other diseases associated with high blood pressure levels.

Treating High Blood Pressure

It is important to remember that living with a constantly elevated level of blood pressure can put a lot of strain on the heart and bring a plethora of diseases. These diseases can be easily prevented by making lifestyle changes and using natural blood pressure supplements that can help maintain blood pressure at an acceptable level.

And if you’re looking to help maintain healthy blood pressure levels, you should consider the many benefits that a supplement like PD120 can bring to your life. PD120 is a natural blood pressure supplement that can help maintain healthy blood pressure levels while avoiding the negative side effects that are associated with many OTC Drugs and prescription medication.

PD120 was created by Jules Roberts, an expert with over 30 years of experience in the medical field who –with’ the help of his herbalist wife- created a wonderful alternative to all those dangerous drugs and harmful chemicals who he himself had to deal with.

New Blood Pressure Guidelines

When it comes to dealing with the potential deadly effects of hypertension, patients should also be aware that what we generally thought was an “acceptable threshold” is now being challenged by this study. It was found that patients who worked towards lowering their blood pressure levels to 120 noticed the almost instant effects associated with reduced blood pressure levels such as a reduced risk of stroke, improved vision, improved kidney health and overall a better outlook in life.

The previously accepted blood pressure threshold for what was considered “acceptable” systolic level was 140. Systolic blood pressure is the amount of tension in the arteries when the heart is fully contracted and thus pushing blood towards the rest of the body. In fact, doctors and healthcare providers in recent times have considered 120 to be the “normal” level for the systolic blood pressure, but the American Heart Association has long insisted that this could range between 120 and 140. Of course, this notion is expected to be challenged once the results of this large study are presented at the next AHA conference in 2016, but despite the fact that 140 is still considered acceptable, it is generally understood that blood pressure should be kept at 120 in order to decrease the risks associated with hypertension. These results were considered to “make sense” and are considered to be a major advance as the time to change the guidelines approaches.

Blood Pressure Study Results

The results that were gathered from this study, reported that people who are over 50 years old are the ones who are likely to notice a greater impact in their health when they lower their blood pressure from the recommended 140 to the more-widely accepted 120. However, these benefits are not exclusive to people who are over 50. In fact, the study was halted two years early due to the conclusive results which showed that pretty much anyone can benefit from stabilizing their blood pressure levels. The experts who conducted this study concluded that the benefits of stabilizing blood pressure levels far outweigh the risks, thus making it very likely that the guidelines and standards set by the AHA will soon be changed.

Finally, it Is worth noting that the results –published in the New England Journal of Medicine- took into consideration the fact that almost one in three adult Americans suffer from high blood pressure. This makes this situation a public health concern, as the “silent killer” continues to be ignored by a large portion of this population. The need for increased awareness and tighter guidelines can make the difference when it comes to saving lives in the future.

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