Is High Blood Pressure Affecting Your Relationships?

Is High Blood Pressure Affecting Your Relationships?

Can high blood pressure affect your mood and libido? We’ve discussed the risks of high blood pressure quite extensively in our previous posts; we have also discussed the fact that living with elevated blood pressure levels can lead to developing strokes, aneurysms, heart attacks, kidney failure, blood clots and other dangerous conditions that could easily be prevented. We have also discussed the fact that hypertension can be a major risk factor in the development of vision loss, angina and even affect the respiratory system. But did you know that high blood pressure could also be affecting your love life, your performance in the bedroom and the well-being of your relationship? Not only that, but the mental effects of hypertension can also lead to strained relationships with your family members, friends and coworkers.

Is High Blood Pressure Affecting your Love Life?

When it comes to performance in the bedroom, hypertension can lead to erectile dysfunction. But how exactly does this happen? Well, first off, you should know that an erection is the result of increased blood flow in the penis caused by a very complex interaction of several hormonal, vascular, psychological and endocrinal factors which are typically associated with sexual arousal or the anticipation that precedes sexual activity. Once the body receives all the right signals, it prepares itself for intercourse.

There are two major conditions stemming from high blood pressure that can directly lead to erectile dysfunction. The first one has to do with vessel decay and the fact that hypertension damages the arteries in our bodies. High blood pressure effects our blood vessels negatively causing our arteries to be become inflexible and less elastic. This makes it harder for blood to pass through our vessels, consequently making it more difficult to supply the body with the blood that it needs to perform its activities.

Years and years of living with untreated high blood pressure can severely damage the arteries and the cells in the inner lining which can quickly lead to other problems; mainly the hardening of our arteries. Once the arteries start hardening, it is much easier for the body to leave fatty deposits in the arteries, which is a condition known as atherosclerosis. This leads to incorrect blood flow and can result in blocked arteries.

As you can see, correct blood flow and healthy arteries are vital and choosing to ignore high blood pressure can potentially effect your relationship and intimacy with your significant other. It is important to treat hypertension right away before it negatively impacts your relationship.

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The Effects of High Blood Pressure on the Mind

There are the psychological effects of living with hypertension and the strain this can bring into our lives; the psychological distress caused by high blood pressure and its consequences are very real and not a topic that is often discussed by physicians when dealing with this condition.

Several studies have shown a link between hypertension and psychological distress, anxiety, depression and lack of concentration. A representative study conducted by the Department of Epidemiology and Public health at the University College of London showed that there is a direct link between hypertension and emotional distress.

It is not hard to see how living with depression or anxiety can be difficult for both those suffering from these conditioner and those around them. Those battling depression usually want to be left alone or are simply not interested in interacting with other people, while patients struggling with anxiety tend to react negatively when confronted with social situations.

As we can see, living with high blood pressure is a major risk factor that can lead to developing a large number of conditions that could affect us both physically and mentally and it is important to seek treatment right away and to be aware of our blood pressure levels in order to avoid these health issues in the future.