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Article: The Evolution of Blood Pressure

The Evolution of Blood Pressure

Researchers and physicians have stated for centuries that low blood pressure levels are just as unhealthy as high blood pressure levels. It has been established that the cardiovascular system circulates blood throughout the body. Blood pressure is related to the force the blood applies on the arterial walls as it flows through and pushes the blood where it needs to go in your body. Low blood pressure can lack the pressure needed in systematic arteries which can lead to metabolic needs not being bet and organs malfunctioning.

What is Blood Pressure?

Blood pressure is controlled by the body through the heart, brain, blood vessels and kidneys. Three things that affect arterial blood pressure are the vascular resistance applied to blood flow, how well the heart pumps blood and how much blood is in the arteries. Evolutionary biologists focus on what was necessary for the survival of early ancestors, which includes what it takes for the body to deal with gravity.

Let’s face it, over thousands of years human ancestors had different lives when compared to the lives that are led today. While ancestors had to hunt and grow their own food, had to walk miles for fresh water and had many daily hardships, in today’s world people are living a different life. Technology certainly has made life easier for most people living today. Electricity, dishwashers, clothes washer and dryers and many other advantages allow people of today to live a luxurious lifestyle when compared to their ancestors.

The Evolution of Blood Pressure

These technological luxuries has also made people less likely to have daily exercise or eat healthy. Ancestors had to forage for food, walk far distances for fresh water, scrub clothing at a lake and physically hunt food to eat. People today have cars, buses, subways, trains and boats to take them to where they need to go. Grocery stores are filled with a wide range of food that is available every day of the week, so natural exercise is now limited to walking through a grocery store and driving to a restaurant. While people live different lives today, they are also under extreme stress from lives daily stresses such as traffic, tight schedules and pressures of trying to pay bills and work more than two jobs to get by. The human body changes to accommodate what is needed to survive in today’s world.

All of these luxuries that are known today have also caused people to live sedentary lives. It’s easier to pick up dinner at the drive-thru of your local fast food restaurant on your way home from work, relax and sit in front of the television and watch your favorite shows, while at the same time chatting with friends online or via text message. You barely have to walk or get up from your sofa for long periods of time. This has led to unhealthy habits that either develop into high blood pressure or low blood pressure issues.

Low Blood Pressure

Those who suffer from low blood pressure and who have a reading of 90 over 60 are considered to have hypotension. Often people with low blood pressure suffer from weakness, fatigue and dizziness when standing up. People with valvular disorders, heart failure and arrhythmias are the most common to suffer from hypotension. There are also other factors and conditions that can lead to low blood pressure.

Low blood pressure is a serious condition since your body is not able to pump blood and allow it to flow to vital organs properly. This can cause organs to malfunction or even shut down due to lack of blood. People who suffer from this condition have to work closely with their doctor to maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

This often includes lifestyle changes such as eating healthy, quit smoking and consuming too much alcohol. Since low blood pressure sufferers generally suffer from dizzy spells, doctors often recommend light activity and exercise to avoid falls and other accidents. Every patient is different and requires specific needs to maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

Doctors will often prescribe medications for patients with low blood pressure. This is to avoid blood pressure levels from getting dangerously low and having a negative impact on health. Some patients are so eager to become healthy they search for alternative ways to become healthier, such as natural remedies.

Natural Blood Pressure Treatment

Natural supplements such as PD120 have become extremely popular among patients who are seeking to maintain healthy blood pressure levels. It is the best natural supplement for those that choose alternative healing options.

PD120, natural blood pressure supplement, is made with natural ingredients, helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels, has no side effects and improves strength, motivation, energy and libido. Speak to your doctor regarding your desire to use the supplement. An in-depth discussion with your doctor is necessary before adding any natural supplement to your daily regimen.

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