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Article: What Blood Pressure Reading Should You Have?

What Blood Pressure Reading Should You Have?

If you currently believe your blood pressure readings are considered normal, you should check again. Currently normal blood pressure readings are considered to be 120/80, however with age it can easily be 140/90.

The Systolic Blood Pressure Intervention Trial, also referred to as SPRINT, evaluated the effectiveness of systolic readings. The study reviewed 9,300 senior citizens and results revealed blood pressure numbers that will help reduce the risk of cardiovascular events in senior citizens. The SPRINT study included senior citizens who had previous health issues with their heart, including stroke, heart failure and heart attack.

SPRINT Results

The results showed there was a 25% drop in those who had a systolic reading of 120 compared to those who maintained a systolic blood pressure of 140. The systolic readings were reached with the use of a variety of hypertension medications.

There is a discussion among doctors due to concerns about lowering blood pressure to 120 or less in senior citizens due to their stiffer circulation. The concern is that some patients may not be able to handle blood pressure that is so low. Doctors are currently learning more about how to safely lower blood pressure.

Aging is known for making blood pressure levels rise. In senior citizens the cause of increased blood pressure is often unknown or can be caused by prescription medications. Any systolic pressure reading between 120 and 139 is considered prehypertension, while readings more than 140 is considered hypertension, or high blood pressure.

High Blood Pressure Risk Factors

About 65 million adults within the United States have high blood pressure. While the cause may not be obvious there are risk factors for developing high blood pressure.

Risk factors include the following:

  • Family history of high blood pressure
  • Obesity
  • Lack of potassium
  • Consuming high quantities of salt
  • Consuming large amounts of alcohol
  • Chronic stress
  • Prescription medications
  • Smoking
  • Lack of physical activity

As seen from the list above, lifestyle habits have a lot to do with the development of high blood pressure. Generally weight gain is a result to habits such as emotional eating, over eating and consuming processed foods that are high in sugar, fat and sodium. Weight gain of any degree ranging from moderate to obesity can negatively affect blood pressure levels. Once a patient is diagnosed with hypertension, doctors usually request lifestyle changes to be made.

Avoiding Unhealthy Habits

Smoking and drinking alcohol is the first on the list of what to avoid. If you are a smoker, you will want to take measures that will help you quit long term. If you are a heavy drinker you will want to limit your alcohol intake or avoid it completely. Your doctor will inform you of what is best for your individual needs that is best suited for your health.

Eating Healthy for Healthy Blood Pressure

Eating a balanced diet that is filled with fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats, poultry, fish and nuts is often recommended. Removing processed food from your diet is essential to eating healthier. Avoiding table salt and high sodium foods such as canned and packaged items is generally recommended.

Exercise for Healthy Blood Pressure

Exercise should be incorporated to your daily schedule. Even if your schedule is already full, you will need to find 30 minutes of your day to dedicate to exercising. Common exercises that patients enjoy are walking, swimming, bicycling, yoga and tai chi. If your schedule is full and you just can’t seem to find the time, incorporate exercise into the tasks that you already have planned. For example, if you drive your son to soccer practice, walk around the edges of the field or in the adjacent park while he practices. When you run errands such as grocery shopping, park at the end of the parking lot so you have a further distance to walk. Adding extra walking distances add up throughout the day and may result in an excellent amount of exercise.

Natural Blood Pressure Supplements

If your blood pressure readings are still not where your doctor would prefer it to be, discuss natural blood pressure supplement options with your doctor. PD120 is a natural blood pressure supplement that helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels. Patients flock to this effective supplement because it is made with natural ingredients, has no side effects, and improves motivation, energy, strength and libido.

Bring along a bottle of PD120 or show your doctor the website page with all the details and benefits. Your doctor will confirm whether you will benefit from the supplement depending on your current health conditions. Many patients enjoy the natural blood pressure supplement especially because it doesn’t have side effects like prescription medications. As a senior citizen you will want to take your health into consideration and do everything you can to aim for healthy blood pressure levels.

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