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The Side Effects of High Blood Pressure

We are serious about blood pressure, and helping patients struggling with hypertension by providing them with a natural supplement which helps maintain healthy blood pressure that has helped thousands of patients maintain healthy blood pressure levels, is our passion. But why do we, and healthcare professionals place such a large emphasis in promoting healthy blood pressure and informing people about the dangers of hypertension? After all, high blood pressure is symptomless, and no one has really died from high blood pressure, right?

Being symptomless is actually one of the most dangerous aspects of high blood pressure; people can (and usually do) go on about their normal lives without thinking there’s anything wrong, and by the time they notice, it is usually too late. People can have heart attacks, aneurysms, strokes, organ failure and other diseases before they notice an increase in their blood pressure levels. In fact, in the United States alone, where basic healthcare is luxury that most people have nowadays, about 40 percent of the patients who have hypertension are not even aware of this fact. And people who are under 35 years of age do not typically measure their blood pressure levels, thinking that this is a condition that only affects older people or people with pre-existing conditions. This number rises even higher for third-world countries and countries were basic healthcare is not available or affordable to all citizens.

Another risk factor that is common when talking about the hypertension epidemic is obesity. As we all known, the United States is one of the heaviest countries in the world, and the excessive consumption of pre-packaged and processed foods, foods rich in saturated and trans fat and the lack of physical activity caused by procrastination and by jobs that have us sitting in front of a computer 8 or 12 hours per day have lead us to become a nation of obese people with no regard for the consequence associated with this terrible trend.

But if people can’t die from high blood pressure, then why is it so dangerous? Shouldn’t we be focusing instead on the actual conditions that do kill people like strokes and heart attacks? Well, in case you didn’t know, high blood pressure is a condition that is directly linked to heart disease and can be deadly if left untreated. But in order to understand exactly why hypertension is dangerous. Let’s take a closer look at some of the side effects of living with high blood pressure.

What Are Some Of The Side Effects Of High Blood Pressure?

The most severe effects of hypertension in the body are those caused in the circulatory system. And while these are the most immediate and noticeable effects of hypertension, this does not mean we should ignore the other effects, but we are simply acknowledging the fact that these effects are almost inevitably fatal. As you may already know, healthy arteries are able to stretch slightly when blood is flowing through them, this ability to stretch as blood is flowing is pivotal to the overall health of a person. However, things like smoking ,having high cholesterol levels and high levels of blood pressure diminish the ability of our vessels to stretch, thus increasing the strain in our circulatory system and putting extra work load on the heart. This can be extremely dangerous as any organ in our bodies that does not get enough blood can quickly fail, for example, when the heart does not get enough blood, then a heart attack could happen, or if the brain fails to get enough blood then that could lead to an aneurysm. Basically, one of the main side effects of living with hypertension comes in the form of organ failure which is almost always lethal.

Then of course we have the effects that alter the quality of our lives, for example, high blood pressure is a direct factor in the development of angina. Angina is a condition that is characterized by chest pain or discomfort that occurs when the muscles in our chest don’t get enough blood due to improper flow or high blood pressure levels. Angina can also be one of the underlying symptoms behind a creeping heart attack.

Finally, one of the conditions that can quickly affect the quality of our lives and that stems directly from high blood pressure is sexual dysfunction, specifically in the form of erectile dysfunction as the penis fails to get enough blood in order to achieve a full erection.

As we can see, the list of effects of living with constantly elevated blood pressure is a long and diverse one, and in order to protect ourselves against these conditions we need to keep a close eye on our blood pressure levels.

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