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  • Natural head lice treatment shampoo. Get rid of lice from your kids head.
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ClearLice Family Size Treatment Shampoo

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ClearLice Gallon Size Lice Treatment Shampoo


About ClearLice:

ClearLice was founded 16 years ago. We manufacture natural head lice products without poisons or pesticides. Our unique formula is made of enzymatic actives and essential oils that break open the shells of lice and nits. They can not live without their protective shells. ClearLice products are made in a USA certified lab and they are 3rd party tested for safety and effectiveness.

Customer Reviews

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Destiny McCurdy

We had a little shampoo left over from 2 and a half years ago used it immediately and placed my order quick to be able to retreat everyone happy to say thats all it took but I have my emergency back up kit if needed for next time

Kari Blaine

Love it!! I didn’t mind at all putting this on my child’s sensitive scalp because there are no harsh chemicals…. and the lice hate it. 😳

Rachel Hendrickson

Amazing and supportive customer service. The product works. I will never look anywhere else. A true Godsend

The best lice treatment

This is the only thing that works for my little girl.

Yes, I agree that shipping to Canada is very high. We don't have anything to do with those charges though. We created our superior Clearlice products 16 years ago. They are far above anything on the market and have been helping families to be free of their lice nightmare in just one day ever since.
I understand your frustration with shipping costs but it's not fair to rate our company and products so low because of shipping to another country......
Hello Naturals staff,

Brandi Miller
Love the products

Products are amazing and work great!

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Use only as directed. Consult your healthcare provider before using.