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Article: 5 Foods that Can Lower Hypertension

5 Foods that Can Lower Hypertension

The Dash Diet is Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. People worldwide are getting diagnosed with hypertension, or high blood pressure and seeking ways to maintain healthy blood pressure readings. Studies have shown that specific foods can help lower blood pressure such as the ones listed below that are foods rich in magnesium, calcium and potassium.

1 – Bananas Can Help Lower Blood Pressure

This tasty fruit is high in potassium, low in sodium and considered a naturally sweet treat. You can toss one in your lunch bag, purse or keep one by your bedside to eat at any time. You can incorporate bananas into your diet by adding it to your breakfast cereal, frying it and putting honey on it, adding it to recipes and simply eating it alone.

2 – Skim Milk and Yogurt Can Help Lower Blood Pressure

Skim milk and yogurt are high in calcium which is key to lowering blood pressure levels. Calcium is needed throughout your lifetime and is easy obtain in most places throughout the world. Just six ounces of yogurt can provide you with 300 milligrams of calcium. Skim milk provides an abundance of calcium as well and can easily be added to breakfast cereal or consumed alone or mixed with fruit. An excellent way to combine foods that lower high blood pressure is to make a milk shake of banana and skim milk, with a touch of cinnamon.

3 – Seasonings Can Help Lower Blood Pressure

While table salt is the first thing everyone grabs when sitting down to eat a meal, other seasonings are actually much healthier. Add herbs and spices to recipes so that flavor is in abundance and salt is not needed to add extra flavor. A simple mix of thyme, rosemary, oregano and garlic powder can bring flavor to any pasta or poultry dish.

4 – Cinnamon Can Help Lower Blood Pressure

This tasty spice is not just for holiday baking and recipes. It actually has the ability to lower cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. You can easily add cinnamon to your diet by putting on toast, adding it to your morning tea, oatmeal and a variety of dishes.

5 – Potatoes Can Help Lower Blood Pressure

People often find potatoes bland and boring to eat, unless they are in the French fried version of course. But potatoes are filled with potassium, minerals and magnesium that help lower blood pressure. In addition to its already great benefits they are also high in fiber and low in sodium. You can add potatoes to your diet easily by enjoying a bake potato or adding it to your favorite stews, soups or as a side dish.

These five foods that can help lower high blood pressure are convenient staples to keep in your kitchen. You will be surprised with just how many delicious recipes, snacks and side dishes you can make with these simple ingredients. Just baking a potato and adding the spice mixture listed above can turn out to be a favorite side dish or snack. Be creative and remember to add these five staples to your diet to help maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

Once you are diagnosed with high blood pressure your doctor will recommend a variety of steps to take. One of the first recommendations is a healthy diet. Eating healthy, plus adding these five foods to your grocery list, will help keep your body healthy in a variety of ways.

Additional Tips to Lower Blood Pressure

In addition to a healthy diet, doctors also request hypertension patients to exercise daily for at least 30 minutes, lower alcohol intake and quit smoking. All of these life changes need to be achieved as quickly as possible, but in reality it takes time. Changing your diet is one of the first and easiest steps to take when changing and improving your lifestyle.

Exercise seems to be the most challenging for some patients. The lack of interest in exercising or trying to find the time in your schedule is nearly impossible for some. But, since it will help you become healthier and lower your blood sugar, it is an essential part of life that you need to make time for.

Busy, working parents seem to have the most difficult time finding room in their schedule to exercise. You can bring the kids a long for a brisk walk, take them swimming or simply just play soccer in the backyard with them. All of these things will provide needed exercise and help you meet requirements.

Patients who have experienced side effects from blood pressure medication often seek alternative treatments. A new pill that people are now excited about is the blood pressure supplement, PD120. This supplement is made with natural ingredients, is void of side effects, improves energy, strength, motivation and libido as well as helps maintain healthy blood pressure. Speak to your doctor today about this beneficial natural supplement.

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