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Article: Tips for a Healthier Heart

Tips for a Healthier Heart

The heart is without a doubt one of the most important organs in the human body and despite the fact that it plays a massive role in keeping us alive, sometimes we tend to neglect our heart and make its job far more difficult than it should be. This muscular organ is in charge of pumping blood to the rest of our bodies and it is the center of our circulatory system which also includes blood vessels like veins, arteries and capillaries.

It is easy to understand why some people might neglect their hearts to the point where preventable diseases or conditions are developed, after all our heart acts like a machine, regulating the amount of blood that is sent to the rest of our bodies driven by involuntary electric impulses, and as we go about our day, perhaps we don’t think too much about the organ that is keeping us alive. If you are looking for ways on how to keep a healthy heart we have a few tips that could prove to be useful for those of us who are interested in keeping our hearts beating strong for many years to come.

Exercise Regularly

This one is a no brainer, we are not saying that you should run marathons or ironman triathlons on a regular basis. All you have to do is exercise at a moderate pace for 30 minutes a day at least 5 days a week. The goal here is to bring our heart rate anywhere between 120 and 160 beats per minute. This will increase our cardiovascular capacity and will strengthen the heart quickly; after all, we need to remember the heart is a muscle and the only way to strengthen our muscles is to challenge them repeatedly by exposing them to constant activity. Think about the way bodybuilders and power-lifters build up muscle for a second and you will see that the same principle applies to our hearts. There are literally hundreds of different things that you can do to get your cardio on; from walking at the mall to Olympic weightlifting, the options are almost endless.

Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure

Constantly elevated blood pressure levels put a lot of strain on the heart, which can quickly lead to several deadly conditions such as heart attacks, strokes, blood clots or aneurysms. Unfortunately, most people who have hypertension are not even aware of this fact and they don’t find out until it is too late. There are several things you can do to restore healthy blood pressure and a great ally in your fight against high blood pressure is PD120; a natural blood pressure supplement, developed by an expert in the medical field, that helps maintain healthy blood pressure. If you don’t want to become another victim of the number 1 killer of Americans nowadays (heart disease) you need to remain focused on lowering blood pressure.

Stop Smoking Today

There is literally no reason why you should be smoking in this day and age. If you picked up this nasty habit back when you were younger, then today is a good day to quit. And even if you are having trouble coming to terms with this vice, there are plenty of options available to smokers who are looking to quit; things like support groups, patches, nicotine gum and therapy are just some of the tools available to those looking to quit. Remember that smoking on a regular basis considerably increases your risk of suffering from a heart attack and increases the risk of developing a large number of other diseases such as emphysema, lung cancer, throat cancer and even allergies. Besides, if you’re going to be doing a considerable amount of physical activity, you won’t even want to smoke anymore so you might as well throw those cigarettes in the garbage can now and buy yourself something nice with all the money you’ll be saving.

Watch Your Weight

Another one that seems fairly obvious but then again some people tend to ignore their weight thinking that you can be healthy and obese at the same time. Being overweight puts a major strain on our hearts and can lead to blocked arteries due to cholesterol build up on the vessel walls. Losing weight is fairly simple (eat less calories than what you need) so there really is no reason not to try. Try switching to more natural foods like meat, eggs, fruit and vegetables instead of processed foods and regular water instead of sodas or juices and you will notice a change almost immediately.

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